Monday, September 3, 2012

Dresser transformation

Phew! What a fun filled weekend it has been with family! Did a date night with parents on Friday, than Saturday had a double b-day party for a niece and nephew and today had a baby blessing for my newest  nephew. Though they will continue to party on today  heading to St George for Labor day, I opted out as I don't think I can handle another day of junk food and lots of sugar! Ok really I just want to sleep in and enjoy having a lazy day with the kids home. Do wish my husband didn't have to work but at least he will get off a few hrs early. Well I won't be entirely lazy, pretty sure I will  get my butt to the gym  and maybe start on my fall wreath. Kinda really need to ditch the  July 4th wreath and get something new up!
 So for the last month I have been in the mood to start up some pretty serious projects. Redoing my bedroom being a top priority! Though it was previously painted blue just because that was my favorite color, I was never really  inspired on the decor to go with it. It has taken me a few years to finally become inspired! First step was repainting. I do love color but I prefer to start with neutral walls and add the color in the decor. So my house is pretty much all beige and gray now. It is SO much easier just to change up the decor than to have to repaint all your walls. Just wished I had figured this out 4 years ago when we bought this house!
    After painting I found some fabric that I loved and sewed some curtains for the main window in our bedroom . I than took on the project of  redoing my dresser. Sanded it, spray painted it than got new hardware.

The mirror I got from Ross. It originally had a black frame so I sprayed painted it white. Wanted the contrast.

My husband actually had a strong opinion about  the hardware when we were at Lowe's! Usually anytime I ask him for his option on anything having to do with decor  he tells me whatever I choose will look fine but when I force him to choose I will usually always choose the opposite. Not on purpose but he always wonders why I ask him in the first place! I just get crazy indecisive sometimes and his choice for whatever reason makes my decisions easier. This time I just had to say "Yup you are right" and buy the hardware he liked. LOVE how it looks on this dresser.

The top of the dresser was in serious need of a makeover. My accent color in the room will be yellow. I  recovered some old books in scrapbook paper than found this Owl at Ross that I was thinking of repainting but I am really starting to like the color as is. Gonna need to find a pillow or something to tie that color into the rest of the room.

This spray paint from Krylon  is AWESOME! First off I have never spray painted a big piece of furniture with canned spray paint before but thought I would give it a try. Krylon has come out with this new paint with primer in it. It coated the dresser really well. Out of the 5 cans I had I only needed to use 3! Totally gonna be using this again for future projects. Krylon also has this paint in a variety of colors that you can check out on the website at

Ummm yea my dresser or I should  say my room became the drop off spot for everything! The good thing about makeovers is I have to go through everything and reorganize. BTW in one of my drawers I had a cassette tape and when my son Andrew saw it he asked "Mom what is this?" "Is this like an old fashion CD or something?" Ok that made me laugh and feel old at the same time! My son didn't even know what a cassette tape was!! What?!

Great piece of furniture to start with but much happier with it now. Alright onto the next room project. Working on my night stands and convincing my husband to build me a head board for our bed. Hmm might be a while before that gets done!


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  1. I love beige walls too! You did a wonderful job transforming that dresser! WOW!

  2. Cassidy, this is quite the transformation!!! I can't believe that all you used was 3 cans spray paint!! It really looks great:) I have an "old school" dresser too and I have been debating whether or not to paint it black...I think I definitely should!

  3. Awesome! I love the hardware you guys picked out, it makes it look very modern. What color grey did you go with?

  4. It looks SO good! love the accessories on it too!

  5. Your dresser turned out great!!!! I love the blue owl too!

  6. Wow! Looks more expensive and chic! Great job!


  7. Love a good furniture transformation...this looks great!

  8. that looks so great! I keep scrolling up and down to look at the before and afters! LOL at the cassette tape! I'm 31 and have to explain the same to my boyfriend's 4 yr old daughter.

  9. Wow. The hardware really makes the dresser sharp and modern. I couldn't believe the original. I also like that you just recovered some old books to tie in the new colour. So much more economical than buying something new, especially when you're trying to clear out clutter. All the best with the rest of the space.

  10. Wow! This is beautiful! I'm amazed! I would love it if you stop by and link this up at my link party! Here is the link:

  11. I LOVE this! I want to do something similar for my TV!

  12. Cute Blog!




  13. Wow, this is awesome. I would love for you to stop by My Dream Canvas. Have a super weekend.

  14. I can't believe this is the same piece of furniture! Amazing!

  15. I cant believe you did that with spray paint! I always suck at spray paint! How come my stuff never turns out good haha.

  16. Wow! You did an amazing job on this project. I would NEVER would have thought that you could turn that dresser into anything worth looking at. A+

  17. Oooh, night and day difference! Looks awesome. I've had fun looking over your blog. I would love to have you come share 'Your Great Idea' over at my link party, hosted on Saturdays...but you can still submit today. Hope to see you there!

  18. Oh my gosh, that looks AMAZING!!! :) GOOD WORK GIRL!

  19. I LOVE it! Wow the dresser looks awesome and I just love the blue cute! I love doing makeover's like this. It feels great to make a space feel fresh and new!

  20. Love it! I bought a dresser very similar to your original with plans to re-vamp it eventually. So great to know that spray paint was a good experience!

  21. This is so fun! I LOVE it! I would love if you would share this at my Crazy Cute Party happening right now! I've got a totally awesome giveaway that you could win just for linking up! Come on over! ;D

    Between U & Me Blog

  22. WOW! Now that is what I call a transformation. Amazing job!


  23. great job. that dresser looks great!

  24. Love the matte black finish and the the dresser a more contemporary look!

  25. What a great transformation. I totally would've thought you brought it like this had you not shown the original.

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