Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Fruit Kabobs and Dip for St. Patty's Day

Here's a few recipes I have tried this week. check them out and get the recipe!

 Cucumber tomato salad-Fabulous tasting not a big tomato fan
but loved it with this combination -anatomy of a craft

 Cranberry almond spinach salad- Love the taste combination of the
 poppy seeds and cranberries!-the blooming daisy

Here's my healthy holiday treat for the week. I love fruit sugar and eating healthy! This satisfies all of it! I wanted to come up with a healthy treat that even my kids would be excited to eat for St Patty's Day. The fruit dip with the sprinkles made it even more enticing for them to want to eat and Cool whip just makes any light treat better!

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This fruit dip is just cool whip and sprinkles!


1 green apple
3 kiwis
2 bananas
green grapes
wooden skewers
8 oz cool whip
green sugar sprinkles

makes 5 servings

What did you make this week??

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St. Patrick's Day Ceiling Medallion Wreath

From my previous crafty post I used a ceiling medallion to make a mirror for my entry way. Well I still had two more of these ceiling medallions left from my awesome garage sale find so I wanted to come up with something else unique to use them for. I thought it might look pretty cool as a wreath too and it would be so simple!!  I am just loving these medallions! I'm kinda obsessing about this wreath right now so who knows I might make another fun wreath out of the last one too!

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As you can see it fairly easy to make. These decorative gems I got at the Dollar store. That paint I already had but if you are in search for a great green this "Ivy leaf" paint color by Krylon is the best green I have found for home decor projects. I have a lot of green decor in my house that has been painted with this color. LOVE it!

I bought this fabulous printed fabric from Walmart. I bought just 1/4 yard and cut it 6 inches wide. Since I have such a tall door I had to sew two strips together to make it longer. To hang it my my neighbor Katie taught me an awesome trick. You put one of those large removable wall hooks that you can buy just about anywhere and stick it on the top of the inside of your door. I now will never have to have one of the wreath hangers! LOVE this trick!

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Not bad for a 5 dollar project!

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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Sleek and Stylish

I can not get enough of this mustard colored top. I had talked about it before on how it is kind of a new edgy neutral. It goes with everything but because the zipper in the back is red it inspired this color combo. Oh and how about these red pumps. Its crazy how many things I am finding that I can were them with! My new fav!!

Where I shopped??

pencil skirt-Rhapsidielle
Red suede pumps-Amazon
bracelet-styles for less
apple necklace-old

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Monday, February 27, 2012

What HE wore Wednesday

Who's this random guy with the bow tie?  My hot and as Weird Al Yankovic sang it "White and Nerdy" husband!!  He thought it would be pretty funny to strut his stuff and show off his Sunday best. About the bow tie?  The start of his bow tie trend was when he wore his 1st one at his at his pharmacy school graduation. I just had to laugh as devoted some serious time to finding the perfect bow tie to go with his graduation gown! I  Didn't realize then he would soon slowly gain a collection of them and wear them on a regular basis! Seriously never a dull moment with this man. He keeps me and everyone else that  knows him entertained on a regular basis. He prides himself on his love for all things geeky and that text book he is holding, well he really does love that kind of stuff! If you are interested in unique humor here is his blog   You're-not-normal where he likes to write about any random crazy thoughts he has or ideas and projects he has made. 

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Ceiling Medallion Mirror

Let me just first say how much I love garage sales! Its like a treasure hunt to me. These ceiling medallions I bought for $1 a piece and I bought them just because I liked the detail on them and I also knew that to buy these brand new could cost anywhere from $10-$100+ A treasure indeed I happened to stumbled upon! 
    Well originally I had thought about using these for what they were meant for but then I have always loved mirrors and easily envisioned popping a round mirror right in the middle of it.

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Supplies- Ceiling Medallion ,white gloss spray paint, glue gun, 6" round mirror that can be bought at Michaels or Joanns, and a saw tooth hanging hook

 Step 1. spray paint  Step 2. hot glue the mirror in place Step 3. hot glue the saw tooth hook on the back of the medallion

I have this lovely mirror now hanging in my entry way

Here's a picture of  what a ceiling medallion is originally  meant for.

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Monday, February 20, 2012

Tough it out workout #8

What you will need
5-10lb dumbbells

Workout time 15-20 min
Do whole workout 50 reps each exercise one time through

Fit tip-Loose the excuse! schedule a specific time for your workout and stick to it. Too busy?? Try this for a week. schedule JUST 10 MINUTES in your day to squeeze in as much of a workout  as you can in that time frame. Set a timer if you need. Now did you really notice any major loss in the productivity of your day more than usual? Pretty sure the answer will be no.

Side to side hop-50 reps
One arm alternate row -50 reps
Push-ups-50 reps
Step ups  - 50 reps
Burpees- 50 reps
squat and bicep curl -50 reps
Ankle grabs-50 reps
Tricep dips- 50 reps


Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Lightened up vanilla Cupcakes

First heres a few recipes I tried out from last weeks link up -

 chicken Gyros- My whole family LOVED this! Well flavored, very fresh tasting and super filling! -My Road to Savings

Green soup-loved the sour cream mixture topping with some crackers-Mama Maven

Turkey meatloaf w/feta & sundried tomatos-I'm very picky about my meatloaf but this was by far the best flavored meatloaf I have ever had.  Messy Jess

 Kale chips-I would eat these over regular chips any day! YUM! Once a mom always a cook

Now onto dessert! My sister Lauralyn is a big fan of cooking light. A lot of what she makes or her inspiration comes from recipes in those magazines or cookbooks. These cupcakes were inspired by this Caramel layered cake recipe.

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This whip cream is the best! Only 5 calories per two tablespoons, no fat and only 1 carb! Taste amazing you can't even tell the difference!

The cake recipe can be found here

Nutrition info

150 calories
 4 g fat

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What did you make this week??

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

In blue

Where I shopped??

blue sweater-Rainbow
necklace-styles for less
Earings-Burlington coat factory

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Pink black and striped nails

I always have to have my toenails painted whether they are seen or not! It just makes me feel better. The fun thing about painting nails is there is no limit to what you can do! Any crazy color, bold design or print will look good on anyone and its just fun! So here is my Valentines inspired toes.

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To make the stripes, I had to paint the whole nail black and  let that dry. I then I cut skinny strips of tape for the stripes and stuck it on my nail and then painted over the whole nail with white nail polish. When the white polish was dry I peeled off the tape. To make the heart I pored a little pink nail polish in a tray and dipped my ball point tool in it then dotted the heart on my nail. When my nails are dry I always put clear shinny coat so that all that work will look good for weeks!

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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Its all about the core workout #7

No equipment needed

Workout time  15 min
Do the whole workout and repeat 3 times

Warm up- trunk rotations and  knee lifts  1 min

Side plank & 5 knee ins to 5 sec plank holds   (one side to plank hold than other side back to plank hold & repeat )- 60 sec
Mountain climbers - 60 sec
Reverse half somersaults to push-up- 60 sec
Mountain climbers- 60 sec
Inchworm- 60 sec


Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Turkey Burgers

First heres a few recipes I have tried and loved this week. Check them out and get the recipe!

     Stuffed green peppers- these were amazing and filling My kids loved it!  Saturdays Mail
     Pear Balsamic Salad- The pears add a great taste. My new fav salad! Tales of the Ts
     Roasted Asparagus - Yum had this with a 3oz piece of steak! Hello Newlywed life
     Chicken Taco soup-  this soup is so great for a 5 min throw together meal! G*Rated

My recipe this week   Pin It

This seasoning is pretty amazing! You can get it from Smiths in their meat section. This brand has different seasonings for all types of meats. For my family I can get two uses out of one packet.

Best whole wheat buns with the lowest Carb content I have found. Very good and Nutritious and my kids love them too!

Love my George foreman Grill!

Lean Turkey burger patties
Amazing Taste poultry seasoning  packet
Natures Own whole wheat buns
1 tablespoon of light mayonaise
lettuce leaf

Nutrition Info
Serving size one burger
348 cal
14g fat
25g carbs
28g protein

What did you make this week??

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