Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Valentines Wooden Letters

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Here is the only decor I have made for Valentines so far and actually made these a couple of years ago. My son keeps on asking when I will put out more stuff! I will have to get on the ball and make some new decorations to add for next Valentines day!

I bought these wooden letters at wood connection in Utah and got this scrapbook paper at a local scrapbook store.

First I traced the wooded letters onto scrapbook paper then I cut out the letters. Next I painted the edges of the wooden letters with brown acrylic paint then I modpodged the paper letters onto the wooden letters and when it was dry I sanded the edges of the paper with sandpaper to add a little more detail.

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Monday, January 30, 2012

Killer legs workout #5

What you will need
A  jump rope and 5-10lb weights
Workout time 15 min
Super-set all exercises 3 times

Warm-up- Jog in place 45 sec

Plank jacks   25sec
side lunge and knee raise  25 sec

one leg deadlift  25 sec each leg
frog jumps on stairs  25 sec

calf raise on stairs  25 sec
jump rope on toes  25 sec

squats  25 sec
1 leg squat hold  25 sec each leg

slide knee crunch  25 sec
lying leg raise   25 sec

Don't forget to stretch!


Brights and furry boots

For our family pics this year I wanted to have a little fun with color. I knew I wanted red but  that is always a pretty traditional color for pics so I happened to have this blue cardigan that I got during the summer at Khols for $4! Just  the perfect extra color I wanted to add! Oh and of course how can I not mention these grey booties that were very much not my usual style but I fell in love with the moment I put them on!

Grey ruffled tank top-F 21
Red lace tank top-styles for less
Grey fur boots-discount shoe factory
necklace -Rhapsidielle

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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Delicious and Nutritious first link up on Thursdays!

Starting today and every Thursday I will have a "Delicious and  Nutritious" link up where you can share any healthy recipe you have made. Anything like main dishes, appetizers, drinks, desserts, sides or any recipe that you have changed to make a little healthier. If you have the nutrition information I would love that to be noted as well. I can't wait to see all of the healthy inspiration!! Here is my new button to add to your post. I couldn't wait so I have posted early!

So I was craving PF Chang's lettuce wraps one day and this is what I came up with! 
 Teriyaki chicken lettuce wraps   
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I will usually buy my chicken than marinade it in ziplock bags and freeze them till I want to use them
but if you are making it fresh let the chicken marinate for 30 min.

fry it up with cooking spray

Blend it

Than wrap it in lettuce leaves

* if you want a little more filler I sometimes add some brown rice on top of the chicken

The ingredients 
Package of chicken breast tenders 
Teriyaki marinade (2 tbs per 4oz of chicken)
6 lettuce leaves 

Makes 3 servings 

Nutrition info
                         162-182 calories (depending                          on the brand of chicken)
                         1.5- 4 grams of fat 
                         10 carbs
                         24-26 grams protein

Monday, January 23, 2012

Workout #4 biceps and triceps

What you will need
2 dumbbells 5-10lbs
1 light weight band

15 min workout super-set exercises 3 times

Dips with kick ups ( 5 dips than do 5 kick ups back to back till you have done 15 reps of each
Bicep hold with high knees- 15 reps (bringing 1 knee than the other up =1 rep)

 Triceps extension with lunge hold and jump lunges (do 5 triceps ex.while in a lunge hold than do 5 jump lunges and do those back to back till you have done 15 reps of each)
Bicep push-up  5 reps each arm

1 arm tricep kickback with band 20 reps each arm
Biceps curl with band  20 reps
Squat jacks 15 reps


Sunday, January 22, 2012

classic black and white

Black and white is always such a classic combination that never goes out of style. Its just what I was in the mood for today!


           Where I shopped??

  Black Blazer-Rhapsodielle
   white blouse- Rhapsodielle
   pencil skirt- Rhapsodielle
   shoes- Discount shoe factory
   Feather earrings-styles for less


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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Simple home decor out of wicker bowls and picnic paper plate holders

I absolutely love to thrift shop just as much as I love going clothes shopping! There is just so much inspiration in a store full of random things. I noticed in magazines that wicker furniture,wicker decor and natural fibers were incorporated in a lot of home decor. So when I went to the thrift store one day having that on my mind, I went into the isle of baskets and found these picnic plate holders and bowls! I only paid $1 for a stack of those plate holders and and the most expensive bowl I bought was  75 cents and most were 50 cents and under. I already had the spray paint so this project was under $5!! I knew right where I was gonna put those plate holders! Finally that spot above my couch would be filled. Empty wall space has always bugged me! I also felt like my dinning room needed another color besides the standard red and white I had going on. I was quite pleased how the natural colored bowls found its place in there! Who says you can afford to decorate!! Now imagine what these would look like in a kids bedroom spray painted in fun colors! A cluster of these bowls would look really cute on walls!

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Aren't these awesome?! You can find a ton of these easily.

                             My living room 

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                               My dinning room

Super simple to spray paint however you are gonna want to let dry and put several                   
coats of paint on. These tend to soak up a lot of paint.

Well if you aren't inspired to use them as home decor they make great cheap toys! My son played with them for hours. He loved spinning the plates as if they were records!

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Monday, January 16, 2012

Feeling Bold

These boots inspire me to breakout and venture out even more! What do you think of this mustard colored blouse?? I am really lovin this color right now!! Its kind of an edgy neutral color that can go with almost anything! shout out to my sis Andrea  who has helped me see color a little bit differently.

Where I shopped??

blouse- Rhapsodielle 
shoes- A'gaci 
red belt-forever 21
Necklace and bracelet -Burlingtion Coat Factory

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Here it is! Workout #3

Equipment needed- Two  5-10lb weights and a chair

25 min workout you will superset exercises and do a total of 3 sets

Warm up- Jump rope 45 jumps

Push and row with weights  total of 5 reps on each row alternating arms with 10 push ups in between
Crisscross jumps   15 reps

Stiffed leg dead lift with weight toss  20 Reps
Crab walks   20 reps

Triceps pushup   15 reps
Frog hops with weight    16 reps

Ab hold with bicep curl   15 reps
1 leg make a "t" hops      10 reps for each leg
Russian twists     20 reps  (tapping the ground on both sides=1 rep)

Don't  judge its my first video my reps may be a little off. The camera made me nervous! Also the sign that may be hard to read says modifications where I than regress some of the exercises to make them a little easier for beginners.

If you do this workout let me know how it went!

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Berry Green Smoothie

For Christmas I got this amazing blender, the Vitamix! It can do everything from making ice- cream to making soups. So I have done a lot of experimenting and loving it!! I originally got it to help me eat more clean and I do but I had no idea how much I would use and depend on it! I now use this thing 1 to 3 times a day! Some of my first experiments have been trying to make up green smoothies that not only taste good to me but for my kids.

Berry Green Smoothie

1 cup blueberries
1 cup straberries
1/c blackberries
1/2 banana
1 clementine orange
1 cup raw Kale
1 cup raw spinach
1/4 cup carrots
1 cup water
a handful of ice
a packet of Stevia

serving size 1 cup. Makes 3 servings

Since I usually make my green smoothies in the morning when my kids are already at school
I freeze theirs in a ice cube tray

than I blend it up to go with their dinner

My kids like it even better this way because its like a slushy!

You should be able to make this with similar results in a regular blender. I would use the ice crushing setting chop up the veggies a little finer and add water as it is blending.

I want to know what you think if you try it! Its not that bad I promise!!

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Bust it out! Workout #2

Equipment needed
Workout time 16.5 mins
superset exercises 3 times each. No resting in between supersets and each exercise is done for 30 seconds.

Jumping jacks
superset with
diamond push ups

high knees
superset with
bicep curls with band (Reps need to be done fast you should feel the burn!)

superset with
alternate arm row with band (wrap band around something row back with one arm than other do it fast)

ski hops (hop side to side fast)
superset with
squat and shoulder press (with two 5lb dumbbells in each hand down at your sides, squat than when you are coming back up from squat do a shoulder press and bring arms back down to your sides and repeat

bicycle(for abs)
triset with
Jump lunges
plank hold

Gold and teal

If you would have asked me a year ago what I thought about gold jewelry I would have told you I would never have been caught dead wearing it!
I now try and figure all the time what I can where with my gold! haha Yea I'm seriously out of the closet with fashion and color. I was told today that I needed to get some purple, pink or teal
tights with this outfit Why not?! I might give it a try!

Where I shopped??

Teal top- Rhapsodielle
black lace skirt-forever 21
shoes- Alloy
necklace and bracelet-styles for less

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Thursday, January 5, 2012

wall Art

I have been looking for a long to time to find just the right wall art to go over my piano but nothing ever seemed to be the right piece that matched the style of my living room. Well fortunately for me there was a Michaels store that was moving locations and the whole store was on clearance! I saw these frames that where marked down to $2 per frame! I had no idea what I was going to put in these frames but thought a cluster of frames could be the perfect display over my piano. Here's what I came up with and I absolutely love it!!

This stuff is great to have. Can be found at any craft store
I cut 8 12x12 pieces of burlap and sprayed the frame backings and stuck the burlap to it. I had to press down and smooth out the burlap so it didn't look bunched up
All images were cutout using this cricut cartridge
I had a black poster board that I cut all the images out of with my cricut machine and sanding the images gave it just a little more detail that I was looking for.
I cut double images and added foam squares for most of the frames just to add a little more dimension in the frame
Then hot glued the images to the burlap

Then I just shopped my house to find the decor for the top of my piano. Its amazing how you can change the look of the original way you decorate with the same stuff put in a different spaces next to different things and you have a whole new awesome look!

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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Into red!

I've always been a neutral color type of girl and would only buy clothes shoes purses ect. that would go with absolutely everything. Recently I have been starting to break out of that and am loving adding in some fun colors into my wardrobe!!

Where I shopped for this??

Red purse- Ross ($22)
blue polka dot top-Rhapsodielle
Black Blazer-Rhapsodielle
red skinny belt-Rhapsodielle
Jeans-Charlotte Russe ($15)
shoes-discount shoe factory ($15) Best shoe store ever!!
necklace-Forever 21 ($1.50) all accessories are super cute and cheap
Earrings and bracelet-Burlington coat factory

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