Saturday, March 31, 2012

Easter Bunny Silhouette Framed Art

I've never decorated for Easter before even though every year my kids ask me when I am going to! This year I finally decided to start. I was extra motivated to make some more holiday decor after creating my spring spring wreath because I have a son who's birthday falls on Easter this year and we will be having a big party at my house to celebrate both occasions.
          Using my St. Patty's card as an inspiration to create something else with a book page I came up with this simple and cheap framed art. It cost me only $1 total to make. I have always loved the classic black and white decor look and I've created a lot of black and white decorations for Halloween, my favorite holiday! Because it is Spring and this time of year is all about the beautiful colors I decided I did need a little pop of bright color to go with the black and white and so I added the blue spray painted plastic Easter eggs and displayed them in an old candle holder that I had.


          Printed this bunny image and cut and traced it onto black cardstock

                   Inked the edges of the book page to give it that antiqued look.

Had some plastic eggs that I first sprayed them with a  flat white spray paint so that the colored gloss spray paint would stick and coat the eggs better...FYI if you plan on making the gumball wreath this would be be a helpful tip for that too.

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Monday, March 26, 2012

Not too bad being 33!

Had a fabulous time celebrating our anniversary and my birthday this weekend! Every year my husband and I get a night away for our anniversary and it is amazing how this does wonders for our marriage! We truly look forward  to this every year. To have a full 24 hrs to focus on each other without any other distraction. Makes us feel like newly weds again. Well our anniversary is actually in February but  had a busy month and decided just to combine our celebration with my birthday this year. This for sure worked out to my advantage as my husband hates to shop but he was more than willing to go anywhere I wanted since it was my birthday weekend.  He truly is a great man! We started our night off by  heading to Ceasers Palace and eating at Max Brenners. Yes I'm a proud Vegas girl! The food was really good but the dessert was to die for. Their chocolate fondue was AMAZING!  Well conveniently right across from the restaurant was the huge 3 story  H&M clothing store that I have been wanting to check out for a while. Did I mention how much I love my husband?! If you know me you would  know that I take forever to shop and  I have to check out everything! I could easily spend two hrs in a clothing store just looking without buying a single thing. In this case I walked out buying two items.
    So sleeping in is a luxury for my husband and I and the only down side to a hotel is that checkout time comes way  to soon!  I think out best sleep we have ever had has always been during this once a year over night getaways. Something about those black out curtains and  no noisy  kids to come wake us up. Our day consisted of  eating the breakfast buffet at the hotel  than checking out some other great shopping areas and finally  we went and saw  Hunger games. Wow that was an intense movie! Shame on me for seeing the movie before reading the books and a greater shame that my husband read the books before me! I now feel compelled to read them as I anxious to find out if there is some sort of happy ending to this disturbing story.We ended our night eating at Mimi's Cafe and discussing the movie. By the end of our getaways we always miss our kids and look forward to going home.
      Every year since turning 30 I have always dreaded my birthday as it just meant I was getting older. However this year I have finally learned to embrace my age because I now recognize  that  every year I seem to gain a little bit more understanding about life and value the things that matter most in it a little bit more.I have learned that this this is a good as it gets. To appreciate every day and be happy and content no matter what life throws my way. I know there are always blessings and good to counteract the bad. I have also learned the importance of taking on life one day at a time, slow down a little and putting my trust in God as my life depends on it. It feels great to be 33 today!

                                                  Had to match my nails with my outfit!

Love these shoes but wished I had listened to my friend who said I should stash some flip flops in my purse just in case I could't walk anymore. 


                                                                          Where I shopped

                                                                Blue blazer-Styles for less
                                                                Pink and grey striped tank top-Ever
                                                                Lace belt-Rue 21
                                                                Necklace-Down East Clothing
                                                                Bracelets-made by my mom
                                                                Shoes-Discount shoe factory

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Thursday, March 22, 2012

My wreath for Easter and Spring

Love LOVE this time of year. Beautiful weather which makes my kids want to play outside and ride their bikes for hours and hours! I also love seeing all the flowers and trees in bloom. I just love all the beautiful bright colors that come along with this fabulous season. When I was thinking about the type of wreath I wanted to make for spring I of course wanted something bright and cheery that would reflect this time of year. I have always adored the color blue which is still my all time favorite color. Yellow however, is becoming a close second. So I knew I had to incorporate that as well. Also if you know me or have been reading some previous posts you will know that anything chevron print is a new obsession of mine. So  I wanted to add in as well. Adding the bubble gum as an element of this wreath well, that was a random thought.  However, I think it was sparked by seeing all of the Easter egg wreaths in the stores. Yea weird I know but I think it inspired the look I wanted my wreath to be. Which was very clean simple and modern. I couldn't be  happier with how this wreath turned out which was exactly how I had envisioned!


I bought this tub of gumballs at Walmart . However I ran out and had to buy some more. I used about 45 more gumballs which I know that these can be bought  in bulk to as little or as much as you need like at Winco ( a new favorite grocery store of mine!) if you didn't want to buy a whole other tub.I however just bought another tub because my kids LOVE gum and this is a great reward for them.

The size of this styrofoam wreath form is 16". It was super easy to glue these gumballs to the wreath with my glue gun. I just made sure to press each gumball down firmly so they would stay.

Loving the Blue Ocean Breeze spray paint by Krylon. The perfect blue for Spring! I want to use this color for so many more things! It coats great. However I still had to put about four coats of paint to make sure I covered all the gumballs completely.

For my fabric wreath hanger I just used an old white sheet that I had and I cut it to 6" in width. I used masking tape to make the chevron print than painted it with this butter cream color acrylic paint. Worked out great! When the paint had dried I used my iron to press down the sides so that had no frayed edges and it helped to give the wreath that nice clean look.

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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Date night with Hubby

My husband I don't get out together as much as we should or would like.  This night we had a dance and a fireside put on by our church for couples  that we were attending . It was just nice to get all dressed up and be reminded on how important our relationship is to each other. We got to dance again  to our song played at our wedding 12 years ago! Which was "I knew I loved you" by Savage Garden. Such a great moment as we were reminiscing about some of the meaningful moments we had during the time we were dating and fell in love with each other.12 years later I can still say I  really did get my prince charming and my happily ever after! Sorry for the cheeziness but seriously God knew what I needed and sent me better than I deserve and I am so thankful for him and the husband and father he is! This weekend we get to spend a night away from the kids to celebrate our 12 years of marriage. I can't wait!

                      My husband and I and a few good friends
                                      Where I shopped

                                 Blue blazer-Syles for less
                                 Black sequin top-Ross
                                 Red belt-Rhapsidielle
                                 Red shoes-Amazon

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Monday, March 19, 2012

Feel the burn workout # 9

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                                               Yes! Challenge yourself than challenge others!

All you need for today's workout is just a timer
Workout time 15 min
Do each exercise for 1 min with 10sec rest in between each exercise. Repeat the whole workout 3 times.

Side shuffle and side lunge   -   1 min (shuffle to one side 4 times than do a side lunge and touch the ground. Switch to other side and repeat going from side to side for 1 min)

Plank hold and knee ins  -  1 min    ( in plank position bring one knee into chest and back out than bring other knee into chest and repeat while Staying in plank position for the full minute)

Jump squats  -  1 min ( Squat deep and jump high )

Plyo clap push- ups  - 1 min  ( start in push up position on your knees. Do a push-up and when you are coming up from the push-up clap your hands repeat for a minute)

Tuck jumps  -   1 min     ( starting in a squat position powerfully explode your knees strait up to your chest than quickly grasp your knees with your  hands in midair then release hands from knees quickly going back into squat position and repeat)


Wednesday, March 14, 2012

A very "Nutritious and Delicious" breakfast

 I have eaten really well this week with these yummy healthy foods. Get the recipe and try them out too.

                               Nachos with a Twist
The green thing smoothie-a stylish little lady      Versatile marinated vegetables-permanent posies 

Mashed faux-tatoes- two twenty-one                            French toast kabob-crumbs and chaos

          Fruit,veggies and egg whites for breakfast
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This breakfast I promise is super delicious, low calorie, low fat high protien and nutrient packed! This is how you get the most out of your breakfast right here! I will admit that I probably eat this for breakfast at least twice a week. I love it that much! Its amazing how simple seasonings like salt, pepper and olive oil can make up such great taste.

I always keep bags of frozen broccoli and cauliflower on hand.Its easier than buying fresh and I don't have to worry about it going bad on me. I then add my two cups of mixed cauliflower and broccoli in a bowl with water and cook it in the microwave for 3 min.While that is cooking I sautee my onion and mushrooms in a pan with a tsp of olive oil. Then I drain my veggies and add them with the mushrooms and onions. I add salt and pepper for taste mix it all up and serve.

I then spray the pan with cooking spray and I always make my omelet second because I like to have the remains of the veggie mixture added to my egg for extra  flavor then I add a little salt to it for additional flavor and serve.


                                                        1 cup of broccoli
                                                        1 cup of cauliflower
                                                       1/4 cup of chopped mushrooms
                                                       1/4 cup of onions
                                                       1/2 cup of liquid egg whites
                                                       1 teaspoon of olive oil
                                                        salt and pepper for taste
                                                       1 whole apple

                                                        makes 1 serving

                                                     Nutrition info. (with apple)

                                                        260 calories
                                                        4.5 g fat
                                                        37 g  carbs
                                                        14 g protein

                                  What healthy food did you make?



Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Little black dress

I've had this dress for a few years now and I don't think I will ever get tired of it! To me its just one of those classic pieces in your wardrobe that you just hold on to. Its super feminine and I really love the lace trim at bottom of the dress. Just makes me happy when I wear it and it always reminds me of spring, my favorite time of the year.

Where I shopped

Pink sweater-Khols
Shoes-Discount shoe factory
Feather earrings-Styles for less

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Saturday, March 10, 2012

Spartan Race

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Spartan Race for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

Who has heard about the Spartan Race?! Looks crazy challenging but very enticing at the same time. I am a huge fitness enthusiast and am always looking for a way to challenge my physical strength and mental capacity. This would be the ultimate challenge. Seriously not like anything I have ever seen before!

             A few things you can expect to experience in this insane  obstacle course are running through mud, jumping over fire, army crawling through tunnels, in mud, under barb wire as well as repelling into water, climb ropes across water and  throwing spears! 

              Whether you are a beginner or a tough marathon runner, there are different challenges for all levels from a 5k to 40 mile events. If you sign up for the Spartan Race they will also provide you with a daily workout, weekly newsletter and inspiring blogs to help support and  insure you get  in shape in 45 days so that  you can be ready for your challenging race. Want to know more? Check out    for frequently asked questions.

             Remember that New Years resolution you had to get in shape? This might be exactly what you need to make that goal happen! So check it out and join the 300,000 people who are already committed to taking on the challenge this year. I just might!


                                                                                   Spartan Race


What are your thoughts on taking on this challenge?


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Friday, March 9, 2012

Green nails for St. Patrick's day

I have been eyeing this green nail polish made by Revlon for some time. I don't usually ever spend more than $5 for nail polish so I used this green to compare to all other green nail polishes I came across. I kept coming back to this one. The perfect true green. Well it was $6 but well worth it.  Perfect for St. Patty's day but  I cannot wait to combine it with other fun colors too.

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I am also obsessing over anything chevron print right now so I wanted to add a touch to my nails!

If you like this green polish too you can buy it pretty much anywhere. I know for sure that Walgreens and Smiths both have it.

I had these file folder sticker labels that I cut to make my template for my nails. Super simple!

Thursday, March 8, 2012


Have you heard about this new site called clipix? If you haven't you need to check it out! It is a really great way to keep your life and your interests organized. You can create boards for anything from shoes  to recipes ,clothes , electronics or whatever interests you.

     When you are searching on the internet and you see something you like and want to reference it for later all you have to do is "clip it" and it will go directly to your boards. It really is that simple! I love it because there is no time consuming searching from your bookmarks on your browser to find that one thing you added to your favorites months ago. Here you have easy to view boards with pictures that you can find in seconds. I also love  that you can change your privacy settings to only allow you to view, your friends or anyone.  I really like sharing things I find online with friends and family.  What also makes clipix so great is that  you can email your pin directly from you boards to anyone! So check out this site and clip away!


                                                                          Here is my first clipboard on 





check out this video to learn more and sign up for free



I am curious to know what would you clip??

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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Bootie Attention

 I think these booties are my all time favorite shoes! Not just because they were the first that were out of my traditional-style comfort zone shoe buy, but for the great conversation piece they are becoming! The first time my husband saw these shoes and I asked him what he thought about them, he gave me this shocking comment. He said I  will call them your murder boots because they have the high spiked heal to kill, and a mop in front to clean up the blood!" Than he proceeded to tell me that the shoes would be really easy to make, "All you would have to do is put a ton of glue on the front of heeled boots and go out into the dessert and kick a bunch of rabbits around!" That became joke of the night amongst us and some good friends of ours. Like I have said before about my husband, never a dull moment. I take his humor to me as a compliment.
       No matter where I go I get fabulous compliments about these shoes. I hear people in passing talk about them, or get some serious stares and double takes. Just this weekend at the grocery store two girls yelled "Excuse me!"  halfway down an isle, just to tell me how much they loved my shoes. My favorite story to tell about these grey booties was when my husband and I were out on a date and we made a stop at the mall. A guy and what appeared to be his wife or girlfriend passed by us, and my husband started busting up as the guy was seriously checking out my  shoes and after he passed me, he turned his head around to continue to stare at them. The girl he was with did not seem to notice them at all. For a man he apparently has very good taste in shoes,my husband doesn't think that relationship is going to last.

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Where I shopped?

Striped top- Ross
Shoes- Discount shoe factory
Necklace -Ever
Earrings-Burlington coat factory

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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

St. Patrick's Day Card

 I love using book pages whenever I get the chance. Its classic and its cheap paper! Did you know that it is cheaper to buy a hard bound book at the Dollar store than at a thrift store?! The Dollar Tree is my favorite! Anyway I have been seeing a lot of those St. Patty's day banners using book pages in them and that became  my inspiration for creating this card. Seriously loving St. Patty's day decor and using so much green as it is a very trendy color right now!

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Monday, March 5, 2012

Exercise modifications for all fitness levels

My purpose for making this video was to show that anyone no matter where they are in their fitness levels can do exercises that may seem intimidating or difficult.(provided that you have your Drs. approval if needed) There usually is always a simpler way to do most exercises that will still safely and effectively  give your body a challenging workout for your specific fitness needs. You gotta start somewhere and that somewhere may be  standing up and doing push ups against a wall which is great! You don't want to injure yourself. Doing any exercise consistently and mixing up reps sets, time etc. will build muscle strength. CONSISTENCY is the key! You will be amazed on how quickly your body can adapt to a specific exercise and how soon  you will  be on your way to progression!

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