Sunday, February 12, 2012

Its all about the core workout #7

No equipment needed

Workout time  15 min
Do the whole workout and repeat 3 times

Warm up- trunk rotations and  knee lifts  1 min

Side plank & 5 knee ins to 5 sec plank holds   (one side to plank hold than other side back to plank hold & repeat )- 60 sec
Mountain climbers - 60 sec
Reverse half somersaults to push-up- 60 sec
Mountain climbers- 60 sec
Inchworm- 60 sec



  1. Those workouts are just easy and it was perfectly executed.

  2. New follower! Your blog is such a great resource!!! Love the workouts! I think I will be pinning your site a lot! Ha!:)

  3. I like that there's no equipment needed! That's the kind of easy-to-do workout I like! thanks for your comment!

    The House of Shoes

  4. These are such amazing moves! My trainer does these nearly every session and I feel the burn for days. So glad that you are sharing exercise that don't require equipment!
    Xo - Marion

  5. This was a great workout! I am really feeling it today!


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