Wednesday, June 27, 2012

18 mile hike

This weekend I went on an 18 mile hike with some of the youth in our church. In my church I am one of the youth leaders to our 14-15 yr old girls. Each year this hike is part of a requirement to pass off some of their certification for girls camp that they attend from 12-17 yrs old. This is the 3rd time I have done this crazy long hike.  However it is quite an awesome experience. You really get to find out what you are made of! Its really amazing  to see these girls overcome their fears and challenges. I always love to see how they come together and support each other. I also admire how determined these girls always  are to never give up and finish the hike. Seriously it is a huge accomplishment and a major character builder.
   So the first year I did this hike it was really tough for me. I don't hike much and my cardio training consisted of maybe running a mile and half a day. I was determined the 2nd year to be a little more prepared and add more cardio/running into my training programs because I felt like I lacked endurance. I think it helped. This 3rd year my training had changed to lifting heavier and  I would randomly mix things up with my programs by doing cross fit type training for endurance. However I have been running/doing  less cardio and averaging about a mile run a day.  I seriously hate running and doing cardio in general. Just can't find the love for it!! I know shocking, me being a girl all about fitness.  I know so many people including my husband and blogs I read about how running  is their passion and I really admire it. I wished I could find that passion. For me running for distance is not fun and its uncomfortable.At what point does it become enjoyable?? However it is funny how I will have people share these same types of feelings to me about weight training. Haha.  Anyway I have found the very best way to prepare for a long hike is truly just to hike as it is really the altitude that kills you. I have told my husband that I would love to start doing hikes with our boys. There is really nothing like being outdoors in the mountains and enjoying the peace and beauty that surrounds you.

                          Our view at the top of the mountain!

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  1. oh my goodness, looks and sounds amazing. Fabulous post, love. If you get a sec, I'd love to hear what you think of my new maxi. xo

  2. okay, now that i've been doing weight training for a bit (even though i'm struggling with my little 12 pound weights, lol!) i have realized that i just don't love cardio, either! i MUCH prefer weights. glad it's not just me. :) the hike looks amazing! i hope to inspire a love of outdoors with my kids, too.

  3. wow 18 miles! that is awesome!! and so cool that you work with those girls!

  4. That is awesome!! What an accomplishment for your 3rd time and for those girls!! The pictures are breathtaking!!

  5. You're so right. There is nothing like being outdoors! Breathtaking photos.

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  6. So beautiful! And so cool that all the girls were able to make it as well! Hiking is a challenge - but so worth it in the end!

  7. What beautiful views! I love hiking parts of the Appalachian trail that's near us. New follower from GFC blog hop. Here you'll check out my blog,, and follow back! There's a big giveaway going on right now!

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