Sunday, July 22, 2012

Girls camp 2012

My camp experience? Well  I laughed till I cried and cried till I felt dehydrated. Got an average of 3 to 4 hrs of sleep each night and ate more junk in a week  than I would in a month! Thank goodness this is only one week out of the year! Not gonna lie though, I missed my family and was wishing I could have been on vacation with them. I got sad when I saw all the pictures my husband took of them on their trip to the cabin. However I love working with the youth in our church. Being a teenager now  I think is so much harder than being one when I was their age over 15 years ago. I admire their strength and courage and their ability to stand up for their beliefs even if it is not the popular thing to do.
    So being away from my family and spending it with 100s of teenage girls with no phone, internet or TV, what does one do for entertainment? Well besides eating a lot, having great devotionals,crafting, service projects, passing of certifications, hiking, rock wall climbing and shooting, what would camp be like without a few pranks?! This freaky baby became the mascot for the 4th year level. Which is the group of girls I was over. Each level had their own Mascot and every level would steel each others mascot and figure out some creative way to give it back. The clown faced freaky baby ended up in a few sleeping bags with a flashlight shining in its face resulting in a few screams. Also who doesn't love a good peanut butter chocolate rice crispy treat...unless it is loaded with a ton of salt. Oh and how would it be to come into your tent only to find that all of your stuff had been taken out which included your cots and sleeping bags and found neatly set up outside somewhere else. Or charging in someones tent to scare the crap out of them when that was not your original plan. Well there was worst things done but not that I could claim. It was all good fun and no one got hurt, well maybe there was just a few scratches and bruises. 
    Good times but it was  so good to come home! I came home hugged my family took a shower and slept for 4 straight hours! Took some time off blogging to just hang out with my family and get my house back in order. Finally got around to doing some spring cleaning in the summer.

First pic-all the girls and leaders at camp, 2nd pic-the awesome girls I was over, 3rd pic-the amazing leaders I served with. 

My recent crafting project. LOL  Our mascot. Ok so who gets their child a doll that looks like this?! I think people told me it was a Baby alive. You could feed it and it pees! I think I improved the look of it when I painted it gold. Haha  This baby went through a few transformations during the week of camp. Was originally The golden child, with the shades became Carlos and renamed Selena. 
     When I got home my husband thought it would be funny to set this creepy baby  next to me on  my night stand with a flashlight shinning it its face hoping to scare me, but in the middle of the night the flashlight dropped and woke my husband up and the baby ended up creeping him out instead!


  1. Nice. And I also took a 4 hour nap when I got home and I'm still getting the house back in order. I love that the Golden Child scared your husband instead! hehe


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