Thursday, March 8, 2012


Have you heard about this new site called clipix? If you haven't you need to check it out! It is a really great way to keep your life and your interests organized. You can create boards for anything from shoes  to recipes ,clothes , electronics or whatever interests you.

     When you are searching on the internet and you see something you like and want to reference it for later all you have to do is "clip it" and it will go directly to your boards. It really is that simple! I love it because there is no time consuming searching from your bookmarks on your browser to find that one thing you added to your favorites months ago. Here you have easy to view boards with pictures that you can find in seconds. I also love  that you can change your privacy settings to only allow you to view, your friends or anyone.  I really like sharing things I find online with friends and family.  What also makes clipix so great is that  you can email your pin directly from you boards to anyone! So check out this site and clip away!


                                                                          Here is my first clipboard on 





check out this video to learn more and sign up for free



I am curious to know what would you clip??

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  1. I really like Clipix! It is easy to use!

  2. It sounds just like Pinterest!


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