Monday, March 19, 2012

Feel the burn workout # 9

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                                               Yes! Challenge yourself than challenge others!

All you need for today's workout is just a timer
Workout time 15 min
Do each exercise for 1 min with 10sec rest in between each exercise. Repeat the whole workout 3 times.

Side shuffle and side lunge   -   1 min (shuffle to one side 4 times than do a side lunge and touch the ground. Switch to other side and repeat going from side to side for 1 min)

Plank hold and knee ins  -  1 min    ( in plank position bring one knee into chest and back out than bring other knee into chest and repeat while Staying in plank position for the full minute)

Jump squats  -  1 min ( Squat deep and jump high )

Plyo clap push- ups  - 1 min  ( start in push up position on your knees. Do a push-up and when you are coming up from the push-up clap your hands repeat for a minute)

Tuck jumps  -   1 min     ( starting in a squat position powerfully explode your knees strait up to your chest than quickly grasp your knees with your  hands in midair then release hands from knees quickly going back into squat position and repeat)



  1. Just popping in to say thanks for such awesome St. Paddy's Day inspiration last week on my Destination: Inspiration party. Hope you'll link up again with more fab ideas this week!



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