Sunday, January 8, 2012

Bust it out! Workout #2

Equipment needed
Workout time 16.5 mins
superset exercises 3 times each. No resting in between supersets and each exercise is done for 30 seconds.

Jumping jacks
superset with
diamond push ups

high knees
superset with
bicep curls with band (Reps need to be done fast you should feel the burn!)

superset with
alternate arm row with band (wrap band around something row back with one arm than other do it fast)

ski hops (hop side to side fast)
superset with
squat and shoulder press (with two 5lb dumbbells in each hand down at your sides, squat than when you are coming back up from squat do a shoulder press and bring arms back down to your sides and repeat

bicycle(for abs)
triset with
Jump lunges
plank hold


  1. I am SO happy I found your blog, I am in a HUGE workout slump right now. I go to the gym and just don't know what to do, it's quite sad :( LOL, but I am going to try this workout, looks GOOD! LOVE YOU BLOG TOO GIRL! Can't wait to keep reading!

  2. this is so awesome! ive been looking for new workouts to try :) love this! thanks for sharing. your blog is too cute.

  3. Loving your blog. You've got yourself a new follower :)


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