Sunday, January 1, 2012

Its been a few years but I am back!!!

Alright it is a new year and I have many resolutions starting back with this blog! Here is what you can expect to see from now on. I have quite a few other loves besides paper crafting that I will be sharing.....

#1 Fitness-I have been a certified PT for going on 4 yrs years now and fitness has forever been a great passion of mine. I plan on posting a workout that I will create every Monday.

#2 Nutrition- At random I will post healthy recipes including protein shakes, green smoothies,and other healthy meals or snacks that I make

#3 Fashion- I love clothes!! and jewelry, shoes, purses, makeup you name it anything girly! I will be posting something I have worn every Wednesday

#4 Cool purchases-also at random I will post something bought that I was excited about whether because it was great deal or money well spent and I felt the need to tell the world about because it was that cool to me!

#5 All my crafts- paper crafts, home decor and any other project I take on.

Well here's to regular blogging for 2012!!!


  1. Hooray! Can't wait to see everything but the exercise stuff;)

  2. I am so excited you are back to blogging. You are so crafty and have great ideas:> That would be so fun for you to join in the homemade year. Also totally didn't know you read my blog. Just made my day:>


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