Monday, January 23, 2012

Workout #4 biceps and triceps

What you will need
2 dumbbells 5-10lbs
1 light weight band

15 min workout super-set exercises 3 times

Dips with kick ups ( 5 dips than do 5 kick ups back to back till you have done 15 reps of each
Bicep hold with high knees- 15 reps (bringing 1 knee than the other up =1 rep)

 Triceps extension with lunge hold and jump lunges (do 5 triceps ex.while in a lunge hold than do 5 jump lunges and do those back to back till you have done 15 reps of each)
Bicep push-up  5 reps each arm

1 arm tricep kickback with band 20 reps each arm
Biceps curl with band  20 reps
Squat jacks 15 reps



  1. sweet cant wait to try this! im workin on weening the baby off nursing and i am going on 2 days! so work outs here i come again!


  2. Thanks for this! Trying to get myself toned up for my wedding :D

  3. Dude you make P90X look weak.


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