Monday, January 16, 2012

Here it is! Workout #3

Equipment needed- Two  5-10lb weights and a chair

25 min workout you will superset exercises and do a total of 3 sets

Warm up- Jump rope 45 jumps

Push and row with weights  total of 5 reps on each row alternating arms with 10 push ups in between
Crisscross jumps   15 reps

Stiffed leg dead lift with weight toss  20 Reps
Crab walks   20 reps

Triceps pushup   15 reps
Frog hops with weight    16 reps

Ab hold with bicep curl   15 reps
1 leg make a "t" hops      10 reps for each leg
Russian twists     20 reps  (tapping the ground on both sides=1 rep)

Don't  judge its my first video my reps may be a little off. The camera made me nervous! Also the sign that may be hard to read says modifications where I than regress some of the exercises to make them a little easier for beginners.

If you do this workout let me know how it went!


  1. Love this. I need the new workout ideas!

  2. you are a machine. I love this and am so inspired Cassidy!

  3. I did it! Amazing! My triceps are killing me!


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